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INDUFLOOR (Pty) Ltd is a company geared in a modern industrial and commercial market to manufacture and install high-technology synthetic resin flooring systems, as well as a wide range of specialised flooring systems to suit most repair or first-time applications – for warehouses, factories, assembly lines, food & chemical processing plants.  As a turnkey operator, Indufloor (Pty) Ltd offers internationally used quality material and a professional contracts division to apply the products. By using the Porta–shot blaster from USF BLASTRAC, Indufloor incorporates the best alternative to beat sandblasting, acid-etching, grinding or scarifying.  With a Porta-shot blaster the removal of latex and adhesive coatings (as seen in the vinyl flooring industry) couldn’t be easier.

Varying mechanical stresses demand individualised formulations for each project, ensuring tailor-made protection to combat the problem.  The application will determine whether the floor design should be rigid or flexible, have high impact resistance and endure mechanical and chemical stresses.


  • Forklift and high mechanical stress areas.
  • Hospitals, clinical and pharmaceutical floors.
  • Industrial kitchens and food processing areas.
  • Dairies, abattoirs, bakeries and breweries.
  • Sweet factories.
  • Workshops and machine shops.
  • Hangars.
  • Warehouses.
  • Heavy Industrial Applications.

Indufloor systems vary in thickness, compressive strength, elongation, chemical resistance and appearance depending on requirement.  Wipe clean or non-slip finishes are available.  Formulations are non-porous providing excellent resistance to penetrating products, e.g. chemicals oils, water, solvents etc.  Extreme abrasion and chemical resistance is achieved using quality resins and aggregates.
A comprehensive technical analysis of the site requirement will determine which specific coating, lining or screed system should be recommended.

The Indufloor product range comprises the following abrasion and chemical resistant products:

  • Performance polyurethane screeds
  • High chemical and abrasion resistant self levelling screeds
  • Heavy duty trowelled mortar screeds (epoxy, vinyl-ester modified concrete etc)
  • Concrete surface repairs
  • Deep seal concrete hardening
  • Joint & crack repairs
  • Epoxy/Polyurethane/Acrylic floor coatings
  • Concrete corrosion protection
  • Nosa Standard factory demarcation
  • BLASTRAC surface preparation
  • Polymer self levelling pump-applied cement screeds
  • Superflat polymer screeds
  • Latexfalt – a seamless floor screed for warehouse and forklift traffic
  • Lastofalt – a polymer modified floor screed for workshops and high point load requirements
  • Colourtop – an aggregate enhanced colour floor finish suitable for Latexfalt, Lastofalt and good existing concrete surfaces.
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